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Member's Retreat - AKARI -


We introduced a fresh content series on the Nike Training Club app and their social media. Over the course of a week, we released new content every day, actively engaging app users. The concept behind this series is called 'Akari, which translates to 'light' or 'bright' in Japanese. To enhance the visual experience, we collaborated with the renowned Japanese visual artist, YOSHIROTTEN, for the lighting. His artistic touch complemented the 'Akari' concept perfectly, elevating the overall aesthetic and engaging users.

To align with the concept, we created two yoga videos, each featuring a different theme: 'Blue Akari' and 'Orange Akari.' Blue represents a calming and focusing effect, while orange signifies brightness, energy, and a positive outlook on things. The goal was to provide users with two distinct experiences for their practice.

We strategically launched the 'Blue Akari' yoga video on Monday. This allowed users to begin their week feeling relaxed and centred through the soothing practice of this yoga routine. On Friday, we released the 'Orange Akari' video, aiming to help users wind down on a positive and uplifting note, setting the tone for a rejuvenating weekend.
Alongside the yoga videos, we featured insightful interviews with the Nike yoga instructor. During these interviews, she shared her personal techniques for finding relaxation and balance when encountering challenges and daily life issues.

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